Initial Meeting - Strategy Session & Ongoing Interaction

It's in the best interest of you, as the client, that I meet and see the 'physical you' for our initial meeting.
This is accomplished either in person in New York City or by Skype or Zoom.

Subsequent strategy sessions enable one-to-one coaching engagement, be it at my office, a public venue, by phone, or by video conference.

Together, we will unabashedly look at those 'rough edges' that are keeping you from attaining your romantic goals or, as applicable, your social goals, be they the workplace or 'other place.' This is an objective, non- judgmental evaluation of the image you portray to the world, as well as your self image, your outward style and inward insecurities, your perceptions about who you are and how you share yourself, be it on a date or in an existing relationship.

We will look at your dating style and relationship history and how it has informed and influenced your dating experience. It is important that you are clear about your priorities and goals.

For this purpose, as your strategist I need to have an understanding of what you deem to be your strengths and successes, as well as your fears and insecurities. I invite you to pull up your chair to the table of dating and relationship accountability, where you will feast on what you need to know to enhance the quality of your dating experience and all relationship experience. ( deeper, sought after love and romance.)

Based on our collaboration, I will provide a multifaceted, innovative plan to help you accomplish these goals.

As examples of ongoing work together...

•   We address the needs of your outer layers, which includes your physical appearance — as well as the needs of the innermost layers of your heart's desires, sensual nature, and thinking mind. 
•   We also shop together to make some wardrobe changes (if that is a target area).
•   Homework assignments always add to the enrichment and fun of our work together. They sometimes entail temporarily taking you out of your comfort zone, while giving you the opportunity to practice new ways of being. These assignments may take the form of recommended media including articles, movies, and video clips.
•   One highly effective approach is that of role playing, with me playing the role of the woman seated across from you at a dining table in a restaurant or seated next to you on a bar stool at a neighborhood bar.
•   We meet to discuss the breadth of your experiences, your successes, and plan our next strategy accordingly.

The scope of reinforcements as detailed above is determined by the challenges and goals agreed upon. This process is not formulaic because the plan is customized for each individual. There is no defined timetable, as individual circumstances are so diverse. Our timetable will be determined by the achievement of the goals we set together.  Upon achievement of your desired objectives, ongoing support and consulting is available as needed.