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It is a well known statistic that there are nearly 400,000 more women than men in New York City alone. Given this reality, it seems that men have the upper hand in the dating world....Is this your experience as a single man? There is likewise a well known shadow side to this reality and that is, 20% of the men getting the women they desire, attracting sex partners, girlfriends and great wives! They are the men that women want. Where do you stand in this dichotomy?

What if I told you that the reasons why you are not successful in finding your perfect partner have nothing to do with how much money you make, (a theme that looms large in the minds of NYC men) or how good looking you are...would you believe me?
What if I can prove to you that you don't have to be a "looker" in order to have the gorgeous woman you desire, desire you.

I am going to translate what women are thinking and feeling on the inside when they meet you and hence, what determines their dating and potential mating direction with you. So if you are feeling seriously discouraged, disabled or just plain puzzled by the outcomes you are getting in your dating and romantic life; if you are feeling isolated, invisible and passed over repeatedly...you have come to the right place.

Are you a man who is getting left behind because you believe that most women want a man with oodles of money? Are you a man who is uncomfortable approaching a woman at a party or on the street because you secretly tell yourself that you're too fat, too old or not sexy enough? Or are you simply feeling burned out by the chase? Perhaps you are a guy who has never been deeply loved by a woman or the guy who feels shattered by a divorce or a broken relationship... I am here to tell you that there is no shortage of women who would fully desire you and choose you if you would be willing to show up in ways that you are not showing up.

Inspiring & Empowering Single Men &
Emboldening Men In Relationship

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If You Are A Man...

  • Who has thought about the ‘one’ that got away and wondered whether if you had done this or changed that, you would be together today

  • Who wants to let go of the habitual patterns in your ‘blind spot’ that block you from the connection you desire
  • Who is not comfortable courting and romancing a woman


  • Who forgets to walk alongside her and keep her in your protective eye and instead finds yourself customarily walking ahead of her

  • Who is not showing up in a way that your woman finds physically appealing, sexy and/or elegant
  • Who simply desires to change your image and create a more chic, sophisticated appearance
  • Who would like to know what a woman wants and what she finds irresistible
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  • Who has difficulty listening because you are immersed in your thoughts, your opinions and other mind chatter and habitually interrupt and speak over others in conversation
  • Who is having difficulty giving a woman the experience of being appreciated and cherished

  • Who is being experienced as narcissistic when you are actually feeling insecure

Personal Guidance That Changes The Way You View Yourself
And The Way You Relate To Women 

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It appears that all of life is about relationship... our relationship to ourselves, to one another, be it on a date or in the checkout line at the supermarket, as much as it is about the manner in which we relate to all of life and all forms of life in this earthly existence.

We are all subject to conditioned patterns of thinking in response to the behaviors of others in ways that are counterproductive and counterintuitive, particularly those of the opposite sex. The truth is, we need each other in order to realize our deepest potential, to mature in our authenticity and our capacity for mutual understanding, collaboration and cooperation. How do we enlarge our ability to relate from our hearts and not from the place of the ego in our social interactions and dating pursuits? How do we become more ‘present’ in the way in which we interact with one another, be it in romantic intimacy or in business? How do we react to one another when we are taken out of our emotional comfort zone; when our impulse, our learned behavior is to run away or withdraw and/or withhold?